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The Future of Virtual Meetings

Without a definitive end date to the COVID-19 situation, the message resonating among meeting planners is “we might be going virtual for a while.”
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Staffing for Success

In the past few articles we have looked at technical concerns from the type of solution you may need to have your best event, to constraints to be aware of when running the event live or on demand. Now, we’ll delve into staffing. 
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Understanding Constraints

Managing a remote workforce has never been a more pressing concern and managing client relationships from a distance is a new challenge for many businesses as well. Understandably, many companies and teams were simply unprepared for an entire organizational shift to virtual meetings and distance work. And the options abound for how to navigate the seemingly endless choices – how do you find what works best for you?
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Three Paths to a Productive Event

With the virtual events space seeing an acceleration that should have taken several years, within just a few short months, many companies are wondering how to make their crossover to a virtual environment a productive one. 
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My Event Has to Go Virtual. Now What?

By now, most companies and individuals that are able to adapt to a work-from-home-environment have adjusted to remote work being part of the new normal, whether temporarily or as an entirely new way of doing business. We’ve learned to turn to virtual meetings and other distance-based ways to connect with clients and teams throughout our workweek, but questions about what to do with our larger events still loom large.