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Why Update to Drupal 10

Why Update to Drupal 10

Drupal 10 was released to much fanfare in December, 2022. As one of the most popular and powerful web content management systems available today, it’s no surprise that the latest version of Drupal has updates to impress content creators and developers alike.

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Marker Seven on the forefront of Drupal Releases

At Marker Seven, our engineering approach embodies the concepts of Open-Source Software. We believe in the collective fostering of growth in web technologies, which is why for the last 12+ years we have been an active member of the Drupal Open-Source community. We have served as contributors, hosts, and sponsors for community events such as local Drupal Users Group meet-ups, BADcamp and the national DrupalCon. 

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Drupal versus Wordpress

Every project we undertake has a unique set of demands, and we evaluate each on its own terms. When choosing a platform, we often find ourselves talking with clients about the merits of Drupal versus WordPress. 

Both WordPress and Drupal work very well as content management systems. Each provides a robust mechanism for creating and delivering straightforward content. However, as an overarching framework for more than simple publishing, Drupal has far greater capabilities than WordPress, as it is designed to be leveraged and extended.