To Wander and to Wonder

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Person figurine on a drawn maze on paper

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Everything was new...but more importantly you were completely comfortable with that.

This month a few of us attended the edui UX conference in Richmond, VA. One of the more memorable  experiences can be summed as follows. Don't place your hand in liquid nitrogen.  Second, don't be afraid to wonder. Let me explain.

There was a long list of interesting talks at edUI. After a full day of sitting, listening and learning, a social event was held for attendees at the Science Museum of Virgina. Great call by the event organizers. One of the highlights for the evening was a liquid nitrogen demonstration. The presenter was full of energy and his excitement was contagious. I was leaning in to watch water turn to ice instantly and a rubber ball become as brittle as a one of memaw's glass sculptures.

The demonstration set the stage for a group of us to wander through the museum exploring the mysteries that are beyond our daily grind. I felt like a kid in a candy store...except I'm not a kid...and this was not a candy store. But it is a reminder that a world without wonder would lack innovation. So don't be afraid to question and don't be afraid of the journey.

Here's to the dreamers that made outrageous proclamations that we now see as undeniable truths. 


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