Taking Clearas Water Recovery To The Next Level

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Four years after launching their game changing water recovery technology, Clearas Water Recovery hired Marker Seven to create a new digital destination.  No longer a company in R&D, they were taking their business to the next level – full scale installations in major water treatment facilities – and needed their website to reflect that.

With a full roster of demonstrations at trade shows coming up, Clearas’ old site was becoming a liability. It made the technology look hypothetical and didn’t fully showcase the solution or let the company share results, whitepapers or case studies. Potential customers couldn’t quickly get a sense of who Clearas was, what they offered or how their solution might fit into an existing infrastructure.

Marker Seven’s team first developed a content strategy that would help win over the leads from these trade shows – primarily independent engineers who are paid to consider and evaluate solutions for their wastewater clients – by positioning the company as established player in the field.

UX team developed a user experience targeted to each potential audience with answers to their top questions and ways to get more information. Taking advantage of original photography, we used the design to both show off the simple elegance of Clearas’ algae solution and showcase the team behind it.

A fully custom product, Marker Seven then built the site in Drupal, a robust CMS that gives Clearas the power to add or augment content on every page so their site will grow as they grow. Next, Marker Seven will begin implementing a SEO/content strategy to surface Clearas in competitor searches and help generate leads.

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