Switchboard comes out of stealth to deliver turnkey data operations

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After working with early clients to prove their platform could increase data flow and decrease IT spend, the founders of Switchboard Software come out of stealth for Tableau Conference 2015 and asked Marker Seven to create their first digital presence.

In 2010, when Switchboard co-founders Ju-kay Kwek and Michael Manoochehri were launching Google BigQuery, they noticed that many enterprise companies weren’t utilizing their most valuable data – even though it was often created and already stored in the cloud - because they couldn’t get access to it.

To solve the problem, the Switchboard team created a massively scalable, cloud-based data operations platform that ingests unstructured data from any source so it can be presented with Tableau or other visualization analytics application – all without time-consuming requests to the IT department.

With all of their time focused on development, the team had spent little time figuring out how to position their product. Marker Seven used the website as an opportunity to help Switchboard articulate to their savvy and skeptical audience why the platform was going to change their lives – without sounding like a sales pitch. The brand and the website will evolve over time but for now, it was important to leave enough room for potential clients to draw their own conclusions.

Marker Seven created a simple one-page scrolling site that introduces the big idea in a headline, quickly outlines the features and benefits of the product, and then describes the problem Switchboard solves and why this team chose to solve it. A request for a demo gets potential clients what they want: Proof that it works.

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