Marker Seven Launches Solution for the Integrated Care Leadership Network ICLN

Today we are proud to showcase one of our latest projects: a full site redesign, awesome user experience design, and back-end solution to power online tools for the Integrated Care Leadership Network , ICLN, a non-profit organization that focuses on the professional development of healthcare clinicians. We produced a site solution that will help many clinicians manage their continuing education and better find and manage information to keep up with their profession.

The new ICLN site is built on Drupal 7 with a custom integration with CiviCRM (to manage the facilitation of course registration and workflow processes). We created a unique solution utilizing two open source technologies. Our biggest success was that our experts were able to create simple workflows, and models for better data management through ICLN's business process by using a combination of great UX design and the customizability of civiCRM. We provided their management with better insights and reporting capability through the integrated civiCRM solution. We ultimately created a great user experience which makes the process of finding and facilitating continuing education much easier.

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