The Five Coolest Things out of CES 2015

In response to the incredible product debuts of CES 2015, we have compiled a list of five of the coolest things that came out of this year’s show. Take a look at our list for items we think you will be hearing more of!

1.XYZ Printing Food Printer Image

Input your food designs by USB and Volia! Chocolate and pizza coming right up! Its not available for consumers, but you can read more about it at XYZ Printing's website.


Control everything with a gesture of the finger! Though it might still need some refinement, this wearable points in a great new direction. (Get it?) Check it out in action at

3. Mind Every Garden

An Internet connected flower pot that can detect and alert you based on its light, water, temperature and fertilization levels. Gardening will never be the same! We’re excited to see how this app sparks more ideas in this arena. You can order yours today at:

4. Keyssa Kiss Wireless Connectors

So tiny its almost invisible! We are very interested to see this in action in products to come; Keyssa has some serious backers behind its new technology. Read more about it at

5. WattsUp

Although wireless charging isn’t exactly a new thing, this WattsUp router boasts that it can connect you to the internet and charge your devices at the same time- all sans wires! Working on a mix of RF, Bluetooth and other patent-pending technology, this is definitely one to watch out for. Read more about it at:

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