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The only thing better than doing good work is doing good
work for a great cause. In this case, it was a fantastic cause

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All Caroline Casey (right) wants is for the one billion people worldwide with disabilities to be able to fully contribute to their workplaces. When workplaces become more inclusive, she told us, so does the rest of society. We perked up our ears. It took us only about five minutes in her presence to realize that if anyone could bring about this change, Caroline Casey could.

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Caroline Casey

Casey herself is legally blind, and in 2002, attracted international attention when she rode an elephant across India to raise money to help the visually impaired. When she came to us, she was just weeks away from beginning her 1,000-mile horseback journey across Colombia from Cartagena to the capital city of Bogota. There, she will launch her Campaign for Global Disability Inclusion at the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit on October 4th, 2017.

Our job was to translate Caroline Casey’s objectives into a digital invitation she could present to business leaders in order to get them to engage and support her cause. It would be used as either an introduction or a follow up to her in-person meetings.

Map of Colombia with path from Cartagena (north) to Bogota (north-central)
Casey's horseback journey

We all saw the need to convey both the important details, and also the enormity of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a supporter to help alter the course of history for disability inclusion.

Scott Abbott, our creative director told us, “In a first for our business, we recommended a slide deck over the many other types of digital deliverables we reviewed, because it met all the required needs, particularly that Caroline or her team could easily modify it for specific audiences, then save it as a PDF.”

Soon after the handoff, we celebrated a big win for Caroline—she got sponsorship for her ride, and is now on her way!

Also good news is that now, all this design work can be leveraged for a website or other digital products.

Sundog Pictures (Johnny Webb and Sam Branson, son of Sir Richard Branson) is documenting the journey so others can follow along. As you read this, Caroline is at this moment either atop a horse, or else resting up for the next leg of her journey.

At the end of the day, the only thing better than doing good work is doing good work for a great cause. In this case, it was a fantastic cause. Watch for more on Caroline Casey in this space, and in the news!

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