KQED Learn Platform

Promoting Media Literacy in Schools

Developing a learning platform to help students critically evaluate the media they consume was a core initiative for Northern California’s largest public media outlet

One of America’s biggest public media outlets, KQED recognized a major challenge for today’s youth: the ability to comprehend and analyze the media they’re exposed to. KQED engaged with Marker Seven to create a digital solution in the form of an online learning platform that takes classroom curriculum and integrates it into a online environment. The result is a digital platform that is familiar and fun for students, while still providing a focused educational experience.
The complexity of the project dictated a highly customized solution that allows 21st century classrooms to engage, make and share, collaborate, and connect in a real-world setting with other classes and schools in the Bay Area who also participate in the program. At the heart of the project is helping the next generation of media authors to better understand and interact with the world around them.

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