Taking a game-changer to the next level.

Clearas produces an innovative solution to removing harmful nutrients and contaminants from wastewater — without the use of chemicals.

With nearly a decade of R&D under their belt, Clearas had spent the last four years working with a small group of advocates to prove their technology and were ready to show off their groundbreaking results on the website and bring the brand up to speed to win new, bigger clients.
Marker Seven conducted a thorough discovery and creative development process to produce a website that reflects Clearas as a robust and mature company, helps facilitate their long-tail sales process and most importantly, allows the site to evolve and expand as the company grows.

Marker Seven Services

  • Insight & Planning
  • Industry research
  • Persona and scenario development
  • Problem definition
  • Experience & User Interface
  • Multi device responsive design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface design
  • Experience design
  • Content design
  • Digital Products
  • Websites
  • Measurement
  • Product Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization

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