Caravel Group

Building digital products to power a service business 

Caravel Group performs consulting services, marketing communications, and event management for the life sciences industry

One of Caravel’s core service differentiators are the online portals and gateways that give clients exclusive access to materials and performance tracking. Over the years, the tools being used had been pushed far beyond their intended capabilities. Wanting to capitalize on recent advances in technology, Caravel asked us to help scale the tools to the growing needs of their business. 
After an evaluation of the tools and Caravel’s current and future needs, Marker Seven recommended a suite of custom digital products designed specifically for Caravel and the type of meeting management they perform. The result was improved offerings for their clients, time saved in administrative set-up and management, and a flexible framework for even more growth.

Marker Seven Services

  • Insight & Planning
  • Digital planning
  • Problem definition
  • Measurement
  • Product Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Experience & User Interface
  • Experience design
  • Information Architecture
  • Technical design
  • Multi device responsive design
  • Interface design
  • Content design
  • Digital Products
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Applications

Our Work