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POSTED ON November 9, 2017

Thanks for an Awesome Party!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended Marker Seven's launch party for Fresh Victor cocktail juice blends! It’s always great to open our patio, mix it up with friends, and, of course, promote our amazing clients. If you’d like to try some Fresh Victor at home, look for it at your local Mollie Stone’s, Draeger’s, Robert’s, and Nugget markets.

  • John Clauss

POSTED ON November 2, 2017

Thinking ahead for our clients with virtual and augmented reality

Our CEO John Clauss sat down with Evan Kirchhoff, a virtual reality expert, and one of the members of our innovation team who has worked with us as a strategic advisor since 2001.

Their goal was to think together about the current and future states of virtual reality and augmented reality. Marker Seven is particularly interested in this line of thought because a number of our clients come from industries or are working on projects particularly conducive to AR and VR, such as medical equipment, educational platforms, and retail products.

  • John Clauss

POSTED ON October 30, 2017

KQED Learn: Media Literacy for a Blended Learning Experience

KQED, one of the biggest public media outlets in the US saw a challenge: How can we equip today’s youth with the tools to understand, analyze, author and engage with the media they encounter? To answer this, Marker Seven worked with KQED to help create an engaging digital product to help the next generation of media content generators practice these skills in a real work setting. The outcome was KQED Learn.   Through KQED Learn, students can interact with their classmates, as well as peers throughout the Bay Area, honing their media literacy skills.

  • Patrick Ford

POSTED ON October 19, 2017

Fresh Victor Launch Party!

Nothing says “party” like a great cocktail. But, until now, cocktail mixes have never been anything to celebrate – they’re typically full of processed sugars, artificial neon colors, and hard to pronounce chemicals.

Enter Fresh Victor – a new fresh cocktail juice blend and, technically, an entirely new product category.

  • John Clauss