Marker Seven Helpd the Center for Connected Health Policy Advance Telehealth

POSTED ON April 14, 2010

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, has just completed the design and development of a brand-new website for The Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP).  The site allows CCHP to reach a broad audience with its work to advance the integration of telehealth technologies into the state’s healthcare system.

Telehealth is the use of telecommunications, health information, and videoconferencing technologies to deliver medical care, health education, and public health services, by connecting multiple users in different locations.

“Telehealth technologies offer a significant opportunity to improve health outcomes, and make California’s healthcare system more efficient and cost-effective,” said Sandra Shewry, President and CEO of CCHP. “Having a website that clearly conveys the value of telehealth and the advocacy work of our organization is paramount. Marker Seven has the technical and design expertise that enabled us to tell our story online with rich, visual simplicity and to reach and connect with our many audiences: healthcare providers, government policy makers, and the public.”

Supporting the CCHP brand online was one of the key goals for the new site. Marker Seven accomplished the branding objectives with a design that complemented the newly created CCHP logo and also strongly focused on the people and stories that illustrate the organization’s work in advocating telehealth.

The agency made use of high-contrast text and white space to make the considerable amount of written content visually appealing and easily comprehensible. In order to facilitate fast downloads for potential users in rural areas with limited access to high-bandwidth Internet connections lightweight graphic elements were employed. Maker Seven built the site in Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS), so that CCHP can update their site’s content, thus keeping the site fresh and consistently providing the most current information.

“We understand that there can be resistance to new technologies and their application,” said John Clauss, Marker Seven president. “For that reason, our goal was to create an online presence for CCHP that would encourage users to spend time on the site to learn more about the value of telehealth and its potential to enhance healthcare for many people. We aimed to create a site that was both attractive and easy to navigate and at the same time reinforce the strong brand value of CCHP.  The feedback from CCHP - that we met the organization’s goals - is very gratifying.”

About The  Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP)

CCHP is a non-profit planning and strategy organization working to remove policy barriers that prevent the integration of telehealth technologies into California's health care system. CCHP conducts objective policy analysis and research, develops non-partisan policy recommendations, and operates telehealth demonstration projects.  

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