Jul 1 2010

Marker Seven Hired to Redesign Dave Wilson Nursery Website

Marker Seven has added the Dave Wilson Nursery to its client portfolio. The largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States since 1938 selected the agency to re-architect and redesign its existing site.

Dave Wilson Nursery, which provides fruit and nut as well as shade trees to the commercial and retail nursery markets, wants to update its site to improve user experience and visual design.  Marker Seven also will handle the ongoing maintenance of the new site.

Jun 8 2010

Marker Seven Helps Haas, Jr. Fund Tell a Richer Story about its Work

Marker Seven is helping the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund communicate in a deeper and more engaging way through a newly redesigned website.  The new site enables the Fund to provide key audiences with a more thorough understanding of its work and strategies as it sets out to advance and protect fundamental rights and opportunities for all. 

May 19 2010

On My Soapbox

Every new client gets the opportunity to witness me on my soapbox, expounding on my views about process based on my years of experience as a motion designer.  I like to share my personal biases with clients out of my deep commitment to provide them with useful, practical designs that endure -- work that is a foundation for future projects. Like all my colleagues here at Marker Seven, I’m a big picture person and I think long term.

May 5 2010

Marker Seven Receives IMA Award for CIS VFX Group Website

Marker Seven today announced it received the prestigious “Outstanding Achievement” honor from the Interactive Media Awards (IMA).  The award is in the Entertainment category for the Website for CIS VFX Group, a leading visual effects company with many box office hits to its credit including Angels and Demons, the Changeling, G.I. Joe and Inglorious Basterds.

Apr 27 2010

Marker Seven Awarded Best in Class Interactive Media Award for Agency Site

Marker Seven today announced it received the prestigious Best in Class” honor from the 2010 Interactive Media Awards (IMA) in the “Web Design/Development Category” for its new Website www.markerseven.com.

Apr 21 2010

How to Determine Goal Page Values

What's an  Inbound Lead Worth?

Creating "goal" page values is challenging for some Websites because not all goals are tangible. If you're selling widgets at $20 each, your goal page will be the “thanks for purchasing” page; the goal value is the amount of each purchase. That’s an easy e-commerce scenario.

However, if the goal of your site is to capture inbound leads, it’s far more challenging to determine the value of each lead. Such cases include:

Apr 14 2010

Marker Seven Helpd the Center for Connected Health Policy Advance Telehealth

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, has just completed the design and development of a brand-new website for The Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP).  The site allows CCHP to reach a broad audience with its work to advance the integration of telehealth technologies into the state’s healthcare system.

Apr 14 2010

Proud Sponsor of DrupalCon San Francisco

We’re going  to  DrupalCon 2010!

Drupal is an excellent open source content management system that we've worked with for years here at Marker Seven.  We've used it for a number of projects ranging from corporate sites, ecommerce sites, extranets and custom applications.

Apr 8 2010

Marker Seven Enables Zephr Real Estate to Offer Rich Interactive Experience

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, has enabled leading San Francisco real estate firm, Zephyr Real Estate, to deliver an inspiring, interactive experience to its clients who buy and sell property. The new Zephyr website is a one-stop shop for everything that is real estate-related in the city. The site also represents a renewed partnership between Marker Seven and Zephyr Real Estate to support the brokerage firm’s online customer needs.

Mar 30 2010

Saying Goodbye to Internet 6

Anyone involved in a web project in the last few years can tell you the frustration that erupts as soon as Internet Explorer 6 is mentioned.  Released in August of 2001, IE6 has plagued developers and users alike with a plethora of bugs and security issues.  It is now nearly nine years later, so why are people still running this outdated browser?  For many it is corporate policy, for others an outdated computer, and some just don't know better.  Fortunately, these numbers are finally dwindling, and some of the big players are stepping up to shut down IE6 once and for all.

Mar 30 2010

Marker Seven Helps Financial Aid TV Delivery On-Demand Videos

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, is now enabling Financial Aid TV to deliver its custom online video content to college and university students over their mobile phones. The new mobile access is available through an on-demand application thatMarker Seven developed specifically for Financial Aid TV.

Mar 29 2010

Marker Seven Expands its Digital Services Capabilities

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, launched its newly designed Website to highlight recent work and better communicate the Marker Seven story and full-service digital capabilities. The launch coincides with the expansion of the agency's marketing and enterprise services  and the addition of new team members.

Mar 18 2010

Online Marketing Blindspots

Most companies are doing a good job setting and reaching their online goals, monitoring Web traffic and making any necessary mid course program corrections. Still “blind spots” may be keeping you from getting precise read on your traffic. If you aren’t looking to the left and right in your heavy Web traffic, you may be losing important competitive ground. Here are the most commonly overlooked online marketing blind spots.
Mar 9 2010

Maker Seven Support CIS VFX Group Expansion With Site Redesign

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency completed the redesign and Drupal development of the CIS VFX Group Website to help the award-winning visual effects company in its recent brand awareness initiative. The new CIS VFX Group site now richly conveys the company’s technical expertise, showcasing its visual contributions to such box office hits as Angels and Demons, the Changeling, G.I. Joe and Inglorious Basterds and highlighting its consolidation of CIS Hollywood and CIS Vancouver.

Mar 8 2010

Marker Seven Revamps Koret Website to Convey Legacy of Community Giving

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, today announced it completed a site redesign for the Koret Foundation, one of San Francisco’s leading philanthropic organizations. The enhanced Koret site showcases the Foundation’s support for nonprofit organizations engaged in innovative, exemplary work in a range of programs, including education, the arts, culture and civic life, as well as Israel and Jewish peoplehood.

Jan 20 2010

Maker Seven Transforms Artspan Site into Portal for San Francisco Visual Arts

Marker Seven Transforms ArtSpan Site into Portal for San Francisco Visual Arts


Marker Seven, an award-winning boutique interactive agency, today announced its role in transforming the Website for ArtSpan, the San Francisco-based nonprofit that builds community around San Francisco visual arts. The new site builds a stronger connection between local artists with the public.

Sep 17 2009

Marker Seven helps SFOpen Homes improve User Experience and Visual Design

Marker Seven, an award-winning boutique interactive agency, announced that its redesign of the SFOpenHomes Website now makes it easier for homebuyers and agents to find all available property listings in the San Francisco area. SFOpenHomes is an online property listing and open homes Website of the San Francisco
Association of REALTORS®  (SFAR).

Jul 29 2009

User Experience: Is your website worth it?

At one time or another we’ve all unexpectedly come to a dead end. Whether it’s in your car, in a voicemail tree or on a Web site. Fortunately for Web surfers -- and the sites they visit – the discipline of interactive User Experience (UX) is dedicated to helping users easily find information, intuitively conduct transactions, and never, ever come to a virtual dead end.

Jun 30 2009

Marker Seven Boost Client Roster with Benziger Wines and CCCH

Marker Seven, an award-winning boutique interactive agency, today announced the addition of Benziger Family Winery in Sonoma, Calif., and the California Center for Connected Health (CCCH) to the company’s growing client roster.

“We are enormously proud that we continue to attract leading organizations across a wide range of markets as business partners,” said John Clauss, Marker Seven president. “We feel the growing demand for our services not only validates our creative talent but also our strategic approach to dig deeply to understand what clients want to achieve online.”