Jun 20 2013

Catching the Mobile Market - Responsive Design

Today’s websites have to work harder than ever. Not only do they support more stages within the sales funnel, including purchasing and customer support, they also must look good on screens from 4-inch smart phones to 23+inch desktop monitors and everything in between. Almost half of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone, one third own tablets*. Businesses are seeing that an increasing percentage of traffic to their sites is coming from mobile viewers.

Jun 12 2013

Content Strategy a Key Element to a Successful Website Project

Creating a great user experience means creating great content. But just like designing a website is more than picking colors and fonts, a content strategy is more than copywriting individual pages. Both design and content require a strategic understanding of user expectation, usability, and business goals.

Why is Content Strategy Important?

Jun 9 2013

Marker Seven and Nationwide Marketing Group Launch Membernet 4.0

Full-service provider of Web-based marketing solutions, Marker Seven, is pleased to announce the launch of a completely revamped communications platform for Nationwide Marketing Group’s MemberNet. The project, over a year in the planning and execution, includes a complete rewrite of the intranet website used by all Nationwide divisions.

Apr 9 2013

Marker Seven Creates Industry Leading Website for Dave Wilson Nursery

Marker Seven, the San Francisco-based boutique web development firm, has completed a comprehensive website redesign for Dave Wilson Nursery, a premier grower of world-class fruit, nut and shade trees headquartered in Hickman, CA. The new site replaced a well respected, but dated and difficult to maintain site. In addition to facilitating non-technically-trained content contributors, the new website has been re-architected to target diverse customer audiences.

Apr 8 2013

Browser Awareness Day is an initiative aimed at making the internet a better place

Imagine if you could take all the hours spent doing cross-browser checks and debugging, and use them to make a cooler, more innovative product?

Browserawarenessday.com has found a way to help make this dream a reality. They've developed a code-snippet that you can include in the of your site that will alert users with outdated browsers to upgrade right away.

Let's make the internet a better place! 

Visit http://browserawarenessday.com/#home to see what's going on!

Mar 18 2013

Marker Seven Creates a Fasionable Online Shopping Experience for Flutter Eyewear

Premier provider of Web-based marketing solutions, Marker Seven, has launched an e-commerce website for fashion eyewear startup, Flutter. The project required both high-tech and low-tech solutions to create a unique and delightful shopping experience while also breaking down barriers to sales.

Mar 9 2013

Jeremy Amos Announced as Director of Technology

Marker Seven is proud to announce the promotion of Jeremy Amos to Director of Technology after 4 invaluable years of expertise and problem solving as a member of our development team. Jeremy brings over fifteen years of interdisciplinary technology experience to the role.

Mar 8 2013

Marker Seven Helps Accuray.com Reflect their High Quality Standards for their Products

New Website reveals Accuray as high-tech company providing leading edge precision devices for ongology

Jan 8 2013

Marker Seven Generates Market Excitement For FSE Energy Website

Marker Seven, a San Francisco-based premier provider of online solutions, has created a newly redesigned company website for FSE Energy. The redesign was required to support the energy solutions company’s rebranding efforts and expansion into both domestic and international markets, especially Latin America.

Nov 16 2012

Marker Seven's State of the Business Offsite

Marker Seven recently enjoyed an educational and fun-filled day of paintball, hiking, fireside grilling and team building on a 1500-acre ranch in the beautiful hills of Marin County. As an added bonus, a biologist working on the property talked with us about efforts to protect endangered local species such as the red-legged frog, the steelhead trout and the many rare plant types that inhabit the area. The day included a “state of the business” presentation to align our goals for the coming year and to talk about Marker Seven’s vision for the future. This off-site adventure was a great way for our team to connect with one of the many pro bono projects we are involved with each year.

Nov 8 2012

Marker Seven's Art is Education Site wins IMA Outstanding Achievemanet Award

Marker Seven is proud to announce that it recently won the Interactive Media Awards Outstanding Achievement Award for 2012 (in the Kids category) out of 133 entries for the recently redesigned Art Is Education Website. This award represents one of the highest honors bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in design, content quality, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance.

Oct 30 2012

Feather River Land Trust's Engaging New Redesign

Each year Marker Seven selects a local non-profit to support by lending our website development and design skills. This year we helped the Feather River Land Trust reinvigorate their online presence and develop an online communications strategy.

Oct 9 2012

Marker Seven Welcomes the Sullivan Family of Companies and Iolani to its Client Roster

Marker Seven is proud to add the 'Iolani School and the Sullivan Family of Companies to its ever-growing list of top-notch clients.

The Sullivan Family of Companies is one of Hawaii's largest companies, representing a conglomerate of retail and food stores. It owns Foodland (Hawaii's largest chain of food stores), among other retail outlets and storefronts.

Sep 24 2012

Integrating Salesforce with Drupal 7

We were recently inspired by Salesforce’s annual “Dreamforce” conference to show how important it is for Drupal websites to integrate with Salesforce. The most common use case for integrating Salesforce with a Drupal site is something like this: Visitors fill out a contact webform on a Drupal website. The data from the form submission is transmitted to Salesforce, where it’s stored as a new record (or "lead" in CRM terms).

Sep 12 2012

Adobe Announces "Edge"

Adobe recently held an event in San Francisco as part of their Create the Web tour. The tour (and this event in San Francisco) focuses on how Adobe is helping the web move forward, and shows off its cool new Edge product suite that's full of new tools and technologies that enable web designers and developers to create the experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible on the web.

Aug 23 2012

Marker Seven Launches Web Solution for Pearson Education

We're proud to announce the release of one of our latest projects: an integrated web solution for Pearson Media's (part of Pearson Education) online media courses. The solution is a website and application that allows universities and high schools to manage online speech course submissions (of videos and other materials) and grading for the courses.

Aug 13 2012

Marker Seven Launches New Art is Education Program Website for Alameda County Office of Education

Marker Seven is proud to announce the launch of the new Art Is Education (AIE) program website (www.artiseducation.org) for the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE). The AIE program is a wonderful program that promotes art education in public schools. ACOE established the AIE program in 1999 to demonstrate the measurable benefits of arts learning in order to ensure the highest quality public education for every child, in every school, every day.

Aug 8 2012

How NOT to Overlook Large Datasets in Drupal

How to handle big datasets in Drupal is often an overlooked dimension when discussing how to scale Drupal. People typically worry how to scale Drupal's handling of web traffic, but largely ignore discussing what happens when you are faced with loading large amounts of data all at once.

The Drupal core has a built-in assumption that menus and vocabularies are small. Pushing these built-in limits causes problems. Loading all of the data within a module can also cause problems. Particularly with taxonomy and menus. For example, look at these functions:

Aug 6 2012

Marker Seven Launches New Site for the Saint Helena Tennis Association

Marker Seven has recently launched a pro bono site redesign for the St. Helena Tennis Association.

We were thrilled to be working alongside an organization that promotes healthy living and active lifestyles, and our team looks forward to designing future websites pro bono for non-profit organizations that provide a positive impact to our communities.

The St. Helena Tennis Association is focused on providing excellent, affordable instruction, fun recreational opportunities, competitive team play, social events and community-wide tournaments.


Jul 13 2012

Marker Seven Launches Solution for the Integrated Care Leadership Network ICLN

Today we are proud to showcase one of our latest projects: a full site redesign, awesome user experience design, and back-end solution to power online tools for the ICLN (Integrated Care Leadership Network www.myicln.org), a non-profit organization that focuses on the professional development of healthcare clinicians. We produced a site solution that will help many clinicians manage their continuing education and better find and manage information to keep up with their profession.