Jan 20

The Five Coolest Things out of CES 2015

In response to the incredible product debuts of CES 2015, we have compiled a list of five of the coolest things that came out of this year’s show. Take a look at our list for items we think you will be hearing more of!

Nov 4 2014

Human Needs Project and Chaparral Energy Davey Awards Recipients

We are thrilled to announce Marker Seven's recognition by the Davey Awards this year for both the Human Needs Project and Chaparral Energy websites. The websites have won Silver awards in the Charitable/ Not for Profit category and Energy category respectively. We are so proud of the team and thankful for our clients' commitment to help making work of this caliber possible.

Read about the project in our Human Needs Project Case Study.

Oct 13 2014

Human Needs Project and Marker Seven Present Human Needs Fundraiser on October 23rd

HNP’s First Fundraising Event, Hosted by HNP founder and actress, Connie Nielsen, Helps Kenyan Slum Dwellers Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Oct 10 2014

What is Responsive Design and do I need it?

Let’s rewind to the 1990’s, when the Internet is just reaching its teenage years.

In those days, access to the internet required you to go through a portal (such as AOL), a browser, or a command line interface. The Web browser became the tipping point for the internet boom of the late 90s by opening up the internet to a larger audience. No longer was it just for the elites at MIT or NASA. An average person with just a bit of technical savvy could easily access the world’s largest knowledge-sharing platform.

Sep 9 2014

Marker Seven a proud sponsor of BAD Camp 2014

The Bay Area Drupal Camp is a gathering of like-minded people to discuss and learn about Drupal, an open-source content management system that is powering more of the web every year. In its 8th year, BADCamp provides four days of training, summits, sprints, sessions, BOFs, networking, career opportunities and more!

Jul 15 2014

Marker Seven Recognized as a Leading San Francisco Web Agency by Clutch Independent Research

Marker Seven has been recognized by Clutch Independent Research as a leader in Web design and development, and as a leading digital agency in San Francisco.  Clutch evaluates more than a dozen individual metrics to prepare its reports, including data solicited from the agencies, from real clients of the agencies, and other independent online sources.

Jun 17 2014

Marker Seven Wins IMA Best In Class Award for Zoom Systems

Marker Seven is happy to announce that it has received a “Best in Class” Award from Interactive Media Awards for zoomsystems.com, in the category of B2B. The Best in Class designation is the highest honor awarded by the Interactive Media Awards. Out of 192 entries in the B2B category, only 9 received a Best in Class rating.

Jun 12 2014

A Look into User Experience

At Marker Seven, we take user experience very seriously.  That’s why, when we were presented with the opportunity to attend (virtually) Dani Nordin’s O’Reilly Webinar, “Bringing strategic UX to Drupal projects” (http://oreillynet.com/pub/e/2330), we excitedly gathered in the conference room and fired up the presentation on our big screen. Dani’s insightful talk on strategizing user experience engendered a discussion amongst the M7 team about what we do, and more importantly, why we do it.

May 14 2014

Marker Seven Wins Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction for Humanneedsproject.org

Marker seven is thrilled to announce that it has been selected by The International Academy of the Visual Arts as a 2014 Communicator Awards Winner for its work on the Human Needs Project (HNP).

Apr 16 2014

Marker Seven's Spring Cocktail Party

Marker Seven's Spring Cocktail Party

Feb 26 2014

Marker Seven keeps Zoom Systems Growing

Marker Seven is pleased to announce the launch of a fully re-designed website platform for ZoomSystems. The industry-leading innovator of automated retail “ZoomShops” approached Marker Seven to help them more clearly communicate their business differentiators and convey a hi-tech, “legitimate” image to resellers and consumers alike. The result is a clean, elegant design that remains laser-focused on key brand messaging.

Feb 26 2014

Website Wins Best in Class Award

Marker Seven is pleased to announce that they have won the Best in Class award in the ‘Nonprofit’ category for excellence in the design and development of humanneedsproject.org for Human Needs Project (HNP).

Jan 16 2014

Design for Aging Gets Updated Look from Marker Seven

When the American Institute of Architects’ San Francisco chapter needed a new page to feature an active sub-committee, Marker Seven stepped up to help. The result is a place where the Design for Aging Committee serving the Bay Area, (DFA) can share their mission, promote events, and engage their community.

Dec 19 2013

The Human Needs Project Delivers Fresh Water - Marker Seven Delivers New Look

Marker Seven is very proud to announce the launch of a new website and branding vision for The Human Needs Project (HNP). Marker Seven worked with HNP’s founders and supporters to help them communicate the message of the visionary non-profit. The result is an online platform where the HNP community can connect, learn, and collaborate.


Oct 14 2013

Marker Seven Wins 2013 W3 Gold Award for FSE Energy.com

Marker Seven is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a 2013 W3 Gold Award for the redesign of FSEenergy.com, a provider of solid fuel fire boiler systems, turnkey boilers and power systems, as well as renewable power solutions in the biomass space. The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognizes the professionals behind the award winning sites.

Oct 4 2013

Why We're Stuck with IE8

Exciting elements of HTML5 are appearing all over the Internet. Web video without plugins such as Flash and QuickTime is now possible thanks to the new <video> element. YouTube, is conducting ongoing HTML5 video trials for desktop browsers and has already gone HTML5-only for mobile browsing. Combined with CSS3 and JavaScript, all sorts of new possibilities are coming to life with HTML5.

Sep 27 2013

SEO and Why Search Rank is Relative

Marker Seven is asked frequently about how to build websites that are search engine optimized. Usually, the question goes something like: “Will my site show up on the first page of Google?” The answer, however, is a little tricky.

In an effort to try and provide users with the best-matched results set, search engines try to anticipate the needs of each individual and will return results based on those preferences. Many factors control this, such as:

Sep 9 2013

Marker Seven is Chosen by Zoom Systems for Website and Product Redesign

Marker Seven is pleased to have been chosen by ZoomSystems, a leader in the growing automated retail industry, to redesign its corporate website and various interfaces for its products. The project was initiated as a result of the company’s rapid growth and need to better convey the products and services it offers.

Aug 13 2013

Backup Management The Son-Father-Grandfather Methodology

Marker Seven is often asked about the necessity and methodology for backing up the websites we build and deploy. As the lifeblood of a business’s online presence, it is imperative to have a backup solution in place, should the unthinkable happen. Even the best-maintained data sometimes becomes corrupted; even the most secure servers are sometimes compromised.

The goal of any backup management plan is twofold:

Jul 26 2013

Responsive Design for Full Feature Website: Marker Seven Helps Medicalert's Website Respond

When Marker Seven worked with MedicAlert to create a fresh, professional and interactive website for the highly-respected emergency support network, it was clear that responsive design was going to be important. The site’s audience is demographically broad. The features it offers vary widely – from membership login and text chat, to a shopping cart.