Jul 10 2017

Two Project Managers and A Content Strategist Walk Into A Bar…

Marker Seven just got richer.

We’re excited to welcome project manager Ray Harris and content strategist Jill Nagle to our San Francisco office, and project manager Tara Sharum to our Richmond office. 

Feb 6 2017

From the desk of Scott Abbott: Mavericks 2017

Last week, Mavericks, the massive surf-break south of San Francisco, erupted with a giant swell worthy of the world's best big-wave surfers. As an avid outdoor and action photographer, I've made the the quick drive down to Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco, for the last four contests to watch (and shoot) in awe. Witnessing nature's power, cheering the brave surfers, and, yes, wincing at the carnage, is something I seriously look forward to every winter.

Jan 25 2017

The Year of The Rooster Has Never Been So Stylish

Our client Flutter, maker of “the Manolo Blahniks of reading glasses,” is sponsoring a special Chinese New Year event on Saturday, February 4 at the San Francisco Symphony. 

Jan 11 2017

Transforming a discussion forum into an innovative social platform.

We had the opportunity to evolve Accuray’s trendsetting AERO platform into a unique social network. A valuable hub of information and resources for radio-oncology, it’s also a private community where practitioners learn from and grow from each other’s experiences.

Dec 13 2016

The Challenge of Creating Proposals

For this month’s Brown Bag, the team discussed the challenges around creating pitches and proposals, sometimes with strict parameters such budget and timing, before getting more visibility into the client’s expectations.

Oct 6 2016

Summer 2016 – Sun, music, and travel!

In the words of the Starks, “Winter is coming.” We're already reminiscing about the wonderful times we had this summer while we bundle up and drink our pumpkin spiced lattes.  Here’s what some of our team members got up to this summer.

May 9 2016

What products have you used today?

A sleep tracker, coffee maker, razor? Perhaps a weather app, smart phone and vehicle; all before you even got to work! 

A product is something that serves a function, provides information, or facilitates a desired action. It helps you get something you need. It could be off-the-shelf or highly customized. It might be expensive or free. Either way, you likely had a choice of products and chose these to be part of your day based on your experience with it and how badly you needed it.

Jan 25 2016

Measuring Impact in Smiles

Few things are better than seeing the evidence of good work done by one’s endeavors. When actress Connie Nielsen came to Marker Seven several years ago to build a website for her non-profit Human Needs Project (HNP), the idea was to build facilities in slums that could provide basic services such as drinking water, toilets, hot showers, and laundry. But it was just that, an idea.

Dec 7

Launching a Homegrown Bay Area Product

With so much B2B work – we recently completed projects for clients in machine learning, cloud connectivity and data pipelines, for example – it isn’t often that Marker Seven gets to work on a really fun consumer facing product. This month, we kicked off a brand new product launch with Hatch, a creative agency that has crafted such iconic brands as Vitamin Water, Fat Tire and Krave. Hatch will develop the brand identity and story, packaging and point-of-sales collateral while Marker Seven creates a digital destination, online marketing strategy and content approach.

Nov 16

Helping Sequel Succeed Where Others Have Failed

A veteran of Fortune 200 firms, Bill Mitchell spent nearly twenty years as CEO of global technology companies ranging in size from $50M to $20B. In retirement, Bill found himself connecting with visionary entrepreneurs, lending his vast knowledge and experience to helping them grow and scale their technology companies. But being a visionary himself, Bill also came up with a plan: To revolutionize the managed services sector for small and medium sized businesses.

Nov 4

Taking Clearas Water Recovery To The Next Level

Four years after launching their game changing water recovery technology, Clearas Water Recovery hired Marker Seven to create a new digital destination.  No longer a company in R&D, they were taking their business to the next level – full scale installations in major water treatment facilities – and needed their website to reflect that.

Oct 21

Switchboard comes out of stealth to deliver turnkey data operations

After working with early clients to prove their platform could increase data flow and decrease IT spend, the founders of Switchboard Software come out of stealth for Tableau Conference 2015 and asked Marker Seven to create their first digital presence.

Oct 15

Creating a Unified StopWaste Experience

Alameda County, the 7th most populated in California, wanted to optimize their StopWaste website which features information and services on vast number of topics from reducing energy costs, disposing of debris toxic materials, to creating a greener home. 

Sep 28

World Cycling Lands Stateside in Richmond, VA

On the last Sunday in September, on a beautiful sunny day, football fans all over the city groaned as the San Francisco 49ers got their asses handed to them by the Arizona Cardinals. On the east coast, an equally beautiful day was unfolding at the other Marker Seven location in Richmond, Virginia. But for these locals, the day felt nothing short of triumphant.

Jul 22

Marker Seven Recognized as a Leading San Francisco Web Firm

Being recognized as a Clutch Top Web Agency again is especially rewarding because of the emphasis Clutch’s research places on customer satisfaction and ability to deliver. We’d like to thank Clutch for the recognition and our clients for the positive feedback that got us here.

Jul 11

Rebranding a .ORG

Founded by actress Connie Nielsen and leading green builder David Warner, HNP's mission is to create game-changing infrastructures called 'Town Centers' in poverty-stricken areas of the world, beginning in Kibera, Kenya. The Town Centers will provide fresh water, electricity, healthy food, education, Internet, and access to micro-credit using methods that are both ecologically and economically sustainable. It's a revolutionary idea we are convinced will better the lives of those who need it most.

Mar 15

To Wander and to Wonder

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Everything was new...but more importantly you were completely comfortable with that.

This month a few of us attended the edui UX conference in Richmond, VA. One of the more memorable  experiences can be summed as follows. Don't place your hand in liquid nitrogen.  Second, don't be afraid to wonder. Let me explain.

Feb 13

Seven Questions with Jeremy Amos, Director of Technology at Marker Seven

What are you working on right at this very moment?

At the moment, I’m working on some data migration scripts for a site re-launch.

Cool. How did you first get into the field of technology?

My dad and I built a computer from scratch when I was 10 years old.

Jan 28

Marker Seven Hits the Lucky Strike Lanes

Last week the M7 team headed down to Lucky Strike for some afternoon bowling. Blowing off some steam at a retro, trendy bowling alley? Don’t mind if I do.

“Did you tell them you hate bowling?” my sister, who stopped by the lanes when visiting for the weekend, asked me.

“Nope! But feel free to mention it so they know why I’m so awful….”